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Many corporations and investors operating internationally are exposed to unfamiliar environments where risks can be unforeseen or misunderstood. As a result, businesses seek enhanced levels of due diligence as well as on-going awareness of local risks which may impact on their operations and staff. While there may be a wealth of information in the public domain, it is the assessment and combination of this information, with locally sourced 'ground truth' facts and intelligence that gives the real focus on effective risk mitigation. Mercator presents locally sourced ‘ground truth’ information combined with meaningful analysis to enable clients to identify, assess and understand changing risks.


Our services include:

  •  Risk review & monitoring

  • Strategic & market intelligence

  • Crisis Reporting

  • Due Diligence & in-depth research


Modern multinational enterprises utilise outsourced and ‘just in time’ operating models to engage global networks of suppliers, subcontractors and customers. The resulting interdependencies and shared risks cannot be managed by solutions anchored in a single geography or function. In this dynamic business environment, our strategic risk management approach balances global risk perspectives with an enterprise-wide view of key business processes and in many cases an in-depth knowledge of local conditions and circumstances. In addition to designing the processes and systems to address a client’s assessed risks, we can provide comprehensive support in programme implementation.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessment & security review

  • Technical security design advice

  • Supply chain risk management

  • Risk management programme implementation support


Companies operating in volatile environments face an increasing expectation from staff, shareholders and regulatory requirement to have planned for and to be able to respond robustly to unexpected events. Companies require well prepared contingency plans to deal with a variety of issues including natural disasters, political turmoil, insurgency and terrorism, local activism and labour unrest. Mercator offers both a deep knowledge of the local environments in which companies are operating and a thorough understanding of current best practices being adopted to plan for and manage crises.

Our services include:

  • Planning reviews

  • Policy generation

  • Exercising and staff training

  • Intervention and assistance on the ground


Information technology now permeates every part of a company’s operations.  This, combined with the increasing value of intellectual property, trade secrets and personal and financial information, means that cyber risks require at least as much attention as physical risks. Mercator’s approach to information security involves not only examining the ways in which information is created, stored, transmitted and used within the organisation, but also the access and interdependencies arising from third parties who interact electronically with the enterprise. In this way Mercator can provide a holistic view of an organisation’s information security risks and recommend appropriate technical and organisational measures to safeguard information assets.


Our services include:

  • Counter eavesdropping/espionage advice

  • Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) surveys

  • Information security policy

  • Physical penetration testing

  • System security analysis

  • Communications / information environment risk management


Increasingly, company executives and staff are required to travel on business to unfamiliar or potentially hostile locations. In addition, offsite meetings and participation in major events can expose groups of employees to varying degrees of risk. Mercator can assist clients with all aspects of travel and event security, ranging from full hostile environment protective security through executive travel facilitation to travel tracking and support for individual travellers. We can also provide major event risk management as well as protection of individuals and sensitive information at offsite meetings and events.


Our services include:

  • Personal, family protection

  • Employee security

  • Event risk assessment and security review

  • Travel risk management

  • Travel facilitation and security

  • Venue & event security


Properly conducted investigations can be an invaluable tool, bringing clarity to complex and sensitive issues enabling clients to make well founded judgements as they manage and mitigate serious problems. They provide for the structured and focused exploration and research of a particular issue with the objective of gaining a full understanding of the situation based as much as possible on verified facts - evidence which could potentially be used in litigation or prosecutions. Circumstantial evidence is also taken into account. Investigations may be a consequence of a due diligence requirement or relate to specific incidents such as suspected fraud, theft, counterfeiting and employee misconduct. Investigations require significant expert knowledge and experience to manage, ensuring that they remain compliant with current ethical and legal requirements both in international and local jurisdictions.

Our services include:

Investigations, advice and risk management relating to:

  • Fraud and theft

  • Manufacturing and supply chain losses

  • Employee misconduct

  • Intellectual property theft including counterfeiting and breaches of patent claims and grey market (parallel trade) issues.

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