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Jeremy served in the Royal Marines and Special Forces for over 30 years.  His diverse military career has left him with a broad range of useful skills including extensive experience of understanding and working with people in multi-cultural environments, and operating in  often stressful and complex situations spanning peacekeeping, combating organised crime, countering terrorism and war fighting.  


Jeremy has applied these skills to enhance a commercial capability gained over five years as Director of Operations for a leading Risk Management Company based in central London, and more recently as CEO of Mercator Global Enterprises.

Executive Management


Chief Executive Officer

Over his career, Jeremy held a broad range of command appointments in the UK Special Forces and wider Royal Marines. He has been responsible for brokering and establishing political, legal and administrative arrangements to enable a variety of complex military operations in the UK and abroad and for managing the individual and collective training requirements for large numbers of personnel in support of a wide range of activities. He was involved in all of the UK's major conflicts since 1981 and was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his role on field operations.


His more recent broad commercial experience has seen him planning and executing complex security risk mitigation tasks for both private and multi-national clients in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Far East.

Jeremy Merchant


Beng(Hons) CEng MIET
Senior Technical Advisor

Paul is a former UK Government technical security professional and chartered engineer with wide-ranging commercial experience. He has worked all over the world on government business and for private commercial clients, delivering technical security projects and in a capacity building / training role.


He maintains a comprehensive knowledge of security related technologies, radio frequency (RF) systems, covert technical eavesdropping, telecommunications and data networks and systems, beacon/tracking technology, intruder detection systems and physical security systems through a process of continuous education and close contact with peers within the technical security world. 


Paul has strong practical, interpersonal and problem-solving abilities and a reputation for being able to convey technical issues to non-technical audiences at all levels.

Paul J. Lee

Chris holds a BSc Hons in Sociology, Economics & Politics and a post graduate diploma in Crisis and Risk Management. He speaks fluent French and has conversational German and Cantonese.  He is based from Lyon, France.

Member of: 

Association of Chief Security Officers (CSO)

American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) 

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)


Head of Investigations

Prior to joining Mercator Global Enterprises, Chris’ wide-ranging public and private sector career has spanned multiple industries and geographies holding senior positions based variously in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore and Geneva. He has a consistent record of achievement and innovation, supporting and enabling business success and company objectives. He has done this through the efficient and effective use of resources aligned to risk, the use of analytics, research and intelligence, and investigation and risk mitigation. Chris has had a particular focus on commercial sector investigations, covering due diligence, employee misconduct, fraud, manufacturing supply chain security and theft, and grey marketing and counterfeiting. He has a well-established cross industry and public sector network of contacts in the security and investigations fields.

​Chris’ career path has included the Royal Hong Kong Police, UK Police Services, Interpol, IFPI, Merck MSD, Hewlett-Packard and Johnson & Johnson.  He has eighteen years of global corporate security leadership experience within the pharmaceutical, high technology and FMCG related industry sectors.  He has a measured, considered and diplomatic style, with a proven ability to act quickly and decisively under pressure.

Chris Merchant
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